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Saturday, June 29

Then & Now: Meal Prepping

It wasn't until crawling into bed after work one day last summer, that I realized I most likely felt like shit due to eating like a teenager for about a month. Even when we were late, my friends & I would stop to get a bag full of junk food before school. Chips, cakes, candy and a soda or juice. It at least got us to lunch period. All it got me last year was nausea, bloating & malaise the morning after. It was compounded by skipping Miralax at least 2 nights in a row that particular week; a no-no being on Adderall. It was sad to say I was feeling exactly how I felt prior to having surgery. But that's not the primary focus of this piece:

"as I was finally making a copycat version of Colonel Sanders 11 herbs and spices recipe, I had a couple moments of nostalgia. When I lived in the Bahamas, I used to watch my unofficial guardian make her own all-purpose seasoning for her meat, chicken and fish. Then I thought about my college years in Philly when, for a time, I did somewhat of a meal prep every Sunday. I was working full-time days and taking nursing prerequisites part-time at night. I wasn't on any special diets at that time though. And to the best of my knowledge, mental illness hadn't touched me yet..."

That's how this piece started. Also before the surgery. Oy vey.

Later in the year, I started craving real food again. I was so tired of the frozen & processed but, I could not find the foodie in me. The woman who was so excited to try new foods and new cooking techniques. Who wanted to improve upon favorite recipes. Who couldn't wait for the Sunbasket to arrive. Didn't know where she was much less the one who meal prepped.

And the struggle continues this year. I've finally wrapped my head around the process of eating healthy at home, as efficiently as possible & have come up with a plan. I'm totally sucking at executing it though. The Recipe Keeper, Yummly & To-Doist apps have helped immensely.  What's not helping is being sick each month due to endometriosis. It's a challenge. And the only option is to do it. Committed to starting small (at least prepping breakfast), I'm finally on my way.

Thursday, December 27

Thursday the 18th*: Lights & Tunnels

After not getting a cleaning in almost 2 years, I was pleasantly surprised to only have a small cavity and not much plaque or tarter. My optometrist, on the other hand, says some of the glands in my eyes that secrete oil are damaged. Hm.

Hoping to not have any cavities next time around being as though I've drastically reduced my sugar intake. It honestly slipped my mind that sugar is an inflammatory.  Watching "That Sugar Movie" taught me how ridiculously harmful sugar is & that it is ev-ver-rywhere.

Seems as though endometriosis has been masquerading as IBS. The only option besides getting my ovaries removed is birth control so... birth control it is. Pain is one thing. Being sick every 3-4 weeks is another. And because it takes me a week or so to bounce back, that leaves me a week or so of normalcy. I can't do it anymore.

All is well in my celiac world except my mom has taken some sort of issue with the choices I make to avoid being accidentally glutened.  Specifically, my leeriness of going out to eat. Sure that's her industry & I should trust my mom.  But it's my health.

But I am also tired of cooking. The meal planning, the shopping, the clean up. Love the food though! I've made seafood alfredo, fried fish & grits, chicken & waffles, more. But I need a break. Crockpot meals are the way to go.  I need to remember I've got two & plenty of freezer safe storage containers.

Speaking of being tired: I'm slowly getting personal items checked off my to-do lists. I see the progress! But with changes at work, impromptu car shopping & having to move before the end of the year, I really wanna move things along. So, I'm seriously considering talking my adderall on my off day too. Problem: increased risk of constipation.

As I've been getting better, I've started to reach out more to my friends back home: high school & college. And they've really proven themselves to be patient with all the issues I've had. I shouldn't be surprised but I still fight against that cycle of negative thinking. I don't deserve them. And I'm really looking forward to showing my gratitude. Soon.


Wednesday, March 21

Friday the 2nd: Etcetera

desperately needing to get on a writing schedule but I'm spending so much time on social media

as a matter of fact, I need to get on schedule with a lot of shit: reading, cooking, required education for work, emails... 

speaking of cooking, I'm so ridiculously bored with food which is taking a toll on my well-being but more so on my wallet

the PayPal pre-paid Mastercard is helping me stay on track but I still don't have a handle on my budget... 4 days to pay day, I'm down to my last 5 bucks

flirting with the idea of ditching Google+ 'cause Google has turned me all the way off with it's confession of tracking search's even with tracking disabled. what the hell else are they tracking on my android?

performance eval was great despite my barely holding on last year. but my manager says I need to work quicker. So, guess I need to start taking my adderall again

Oh yeah, #wakandaforever

Monday, February 12

Where Am I? Tired & Back to "Waiting"

Early in my therapy, I continued to be adamant against medication. I remember my therapist asking "aren't you tired?”. And I was. Very. I realized at that time, I would also need help from a psychiatrist to get myself to a level of functioning to begin to put my life back together. Well, I'm tired again. Despite the Lamictal & Effexor. The Adderall? Usually gets me through an eight hour work day.  Although I'm seriously considering taking it daily so I can do more than just lay in bed on my days off. 

Symptoms of celiac disease include depression, fatigue & difficulty concentrating. Psychological disorders often mimic physiological ones and both can be misdiagnosed independent of each other. Due to overlapping signs & symptoms it's difficult pinning down the underlying disease. Could celiac disease be the underlying one? I mean, who knows how long I've been gluten intolerant. Not having severe symptoms, I could’ve naively been chalking it up to food poisoning, hangover, too much fast food, being lazy, unhappy or depressed. 

Or could it be the "endometrioma" my doctor is urging me to have removed before the end of the year?  Could it actually be a teratoma?  In my research of this possibility, I found tetratomas can also contain intestinal-type tissues. In such a case, the immune system will attack the intestine as well as the alien teratoma. It is certainly a wild theory! But another incentive to move forward with the procedure to have it removed sooner than later, despite being terrified. 

Yup! You read right: almost two years ago.

I've never had surgery.  I'm terrified but something's gotta give. I'm feel like a shell of myself again. Just drifting through life and sounding like a broken record while doing it. It seems as though no matter how many steps I take forward, I get pushed back a few more. This time is different. THIS time I've step in glue and having to fiddle myself loose which is wearing me all the way the fuck out. Physically, mentally & emotionally. 

All out of ideas, I think I just need more time. The only option would be to cut my hours. Except the last thing I need is financial stress. So many of us have succumb to the darkest of places in the pit of depression because of it. And I need to pay my housekeeper and my launderer. I need to eat fresh and mostly organic foods which means my ass has to cook more too. There are co-pays for specialists, an upcoming market increase on rental properties, and there's still student loans and a credit card that needs to be paid off before the 0% apr expires. 

At least I HAVE a housekeeper. I don't know what I would do without them.  Their boss is a little bit all over the place but so am I.  I also don't know what I would do without my launderer, an islander' who has swiftly become a kindred spirit. My therapist paid for with insurance that'll still be active even if I should decide to cut my hours.  

So, with help, I'm wearily pushing through. The emphatic word being "wearily".

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Tuesday, December 12


My heroes have the heart, to lose the life I’d wanna live… and all I remember
is thinking, I want to be like them…”
Crazy, Gnarls Barkley

Yup! I remember when I almost lost my mind. It was late 2013 and it wasn't even pleasant. Fours years and a lot of introspection later, I'm going on two years since my last mood swing. It hasn't been easy. And I admit, I had a bit of a scare earlier in the fall. But that amounted to much of nothing after I decided to stay Roads side for my yearly vacation. During that time I got plenty of rest, was able to clear my head and remember the fight I started fours years ago was far from over. Now that my physical health is on the mend, I feel confident again to pick up my mantle. Shake off the dust and continue the good fight. Not only for the mentality ill across our nation, but also for people of color. All the while I pursue the person I am and work to become the person I want to be.  

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Wednesday, August 16

Community: National Counseling Group

Despite the “national” in National Counseling Group, this organization only serves the state of Virginia.  With a broad range of services to meet the needs of their clients they were also ranked one of the best places to work in the Richmond region in 2015. Using their C.A.R.E. approach, they provide behavioral healthcare services to individuals & families in both the outpatient & in-home setting.  However, if they aren’t able to provide the services themselves, they will put clients in contact with other community providers and in some cases cover any costs in an effort facilitate timely care.  An additional bonus: training programs are available to professionals beyond the organization.

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Thursday, July 27

Feeling... Discouraged


“... I've vowed in moments like these I would remain silent. To make any other
choice would also be to choose to once again pressure myself to be someone I
can’t.” For more about me outside of my struggle with mental illness, and now
celiac disease, visit me here on Google Plus…”

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