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Wednesday, February 28

First Study Published Connecting Challenges of Food Allergies With Personality Traits

Lead author Dr. Tamlin Conner says "This paper addresses this question by investigating whether individual differences in the big five personality traits (neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness) are related to food allergy-related problems in everyday life."...

"We were surprised that neuroticism did not lead to more frequent allergy issues or poorer mood on days with more allergy issues. Instead, higher openness to experience was the biggest predictor of more issues, which included going hungry because there is no safe food available, problems finding suitable foods when grocery shopping, anxiety at social occasions involving food, being excluded, and feeling embarrassed and poorly understood about their food allergy."...

Our findings might also help parents understand how their child with a food allergy may be being impacted. For example, open children might be more likely to want to try new foods, which could put them at risk. Knowing their child's personality, a parent could look to mitigate those impacts to reduce their frequency."...

"It [the study] highlights the complexities facing adults managing food allergy, in a New Zealand context, as well also from a unique perspective. Helping people understand how their personality traits might help or hinder their management of food allergy, could improve their quality of life," says Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of Allergy New Zealand...

Sunday, February 25

High School Popularity Might Backfire Later in Life

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More specifically, a team of researchers from the University of Virginia (UVA) found that close friendship among 15-year-olds predicted a relative uptick in self-worth and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety by age 25. On the flip side, adolescents who prioritized broader social popularity — and had fewer intimate friendships — were more inclined to experience social anxiety in early adulthood...

Although some teens maintained close friendships and popularity simultaneously, the researchers found that these two types of social success were generally marked by different personal attributes and priorities. Notably, the researchers found that neither having a soul-mate type of best friend nor being widely popular predicted short-term changes in mental health during high school. These differences only became apparent later in young adulthood...

As technology makes it increasingly easy to build a social network of superficial friends, focusing time and attention on cultivating close connections with a few individuals should be a priority."

continue reading "High School Populatiry Might Backfire Later in Life" by Christopher Bergland for Psychology Today. Retrieved February 13th, 2018 from https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201708/high-school-popularity-might-backfire-later-in-life

Monday, February 12

Where Am I? Tired & Back to "Waiting"

Early in my therapy, I continued to be adamant against medication. I remember my therapist asking "aren't you tired?”. And I was. Very. I realized at that time, I would also need help from a psychiatrist to get myself to a level of functioning to begin to put my life back together. Well, I'm tired again. Despite the Lamictal & Effexor. The Adderall? Usually gets me through an eight hour work day.  Although I'm seriously considering taking it daily so I can do more than just lay in bed on my days off. 

Symptoms of celiac disease include depression, fatigue & difficulty concentrating. Psychological disorders often mimic physiological ones and both can be misdiagnosed independent of each other. Due to overlapping signs & symptoms it's difficult pinning down the underlying disease. Could celiac disease be the underlying one? I mean, who knows how long I've been gluten intolerant. Not having severe symptoms, I could’ve naively been chalking it up to food poisoning, hangover, too much fast food, being lazy, unhappy or depressed. 

Or could it be the "endometrioma" my doctor is urging me to have removed before the end of the year?  Could it actually be a teratoma?  In my research of this possibility, I found tetratomas can also contain intestinal-type tissues. In such a case, the immune system will attack the intestine as well as the alien teratoma. It is certainly a wild theory! But another incentive to move forward with the procedure to have it removed sooner than later, despite being terrified. 

Yup! You read right: almost two years ago.

I've never had surgery.  I'm terrified but something's gotta give. I'm feel like a shell of myself again. Just drifting through life and sounding like a broken record while doing it. It seems as though no matter how many steps I take forward, I get pushed back a few more. This time is different. THIS time I've step in glue and having to fiddle myself loose which is wearing me all the way the fuck out. Physically, mentally & emotionally. 

All out of ideas, I think I just need more time. The only option would be to cut my hours. Except the last thing I need is financial stress. So many of us have succumb to the darkest of places in the pit of depression because of it. And I need to pay my housekeeper and my launderer. I need to eat fresh and mostly organic foods which means my ass has to cook more too. There are co-pays for specialists, an upcoming market increase on rental properties, and there's still student loans and a credit card that needs to be paid off before the 0% apr expires. 

At least I HAVE a housekeeper. I don't know what I would do without them.  Their boss is a little bit all over the place but so am I.  I also don't know what I would do without my launderer, an islander' who has swiftly become a kindred spirit. My therapist paid for with insurance that'll still be active even if I should decide to cut my hours.  

So, with help, I'm wearily pushing through. The emphatic word being "wearily".

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Sunday, January 28

Mental Health Services for Youth Expanded in 2017

Same-day access is considered a best practice in behavioral health, and the CSB staff has worked to make this system change. Fairfax County Public Schools, the county’s Department of Family Services and other agencies began referring families and youth to the CSB for same-day walk-in services on Nov. 1, 2016, as a “soft launch” for the service. Since that date, more than 500 young people have sought screenings and/or assessments. If a family and/or individual prefers to schedule an appointment for a screening or assessment, they may still do so by calling 703-383-8500...

Often when people recognize that they need help, there may be a brief window of time when they are willing to look for and receive help. If a person has to wait too long for services, the chance to help may be lost.

Individuals of any age seeking help for a mental health and/or substance use concern, may walk in, without appointment, to the CSB’s Merrifield Center and speak with a staff member in person, rather than initiating contact over the phone. If the individual appears to qualify for CSB services, they may be able to receive a more in-depth assessment for services that same day. Each CSB assessment clinician is trained to assess for substance use disorders as well as mental health and co-occurring disorders...

con't reading full article: Mental Health Services for Youth Expanded in 2017. Retrieved January 13th, 2018 from:

Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board logo [Photograph]. (May 27th, 2016). Retrieved from: https://www.facebook.com/FairfaxCSB/photos/a.490799421129288.1073741825.490797971129433/490799427795954/?type=3&theater

Saturday, January 6

Mental Health is a Growing Challenge on Campus, and People of Color are Most Negatively Affected

Despite the fact that students are seeking mental health services in record numbers, there is still a discrepancy between the number of individuals who need the services and those who are getting them. Additional data in the USA Today article says two-thirds of students who are struggling don't seek help...

But it is important to recognize it isn't just students who struggle with mental health challenges on campus. Faculty, and even administrators, also face challenges, particularly in the current political climate. And studies show racism and microaggressions towards students, faculty and administrators of color increase the likelihood that they may struggle with mental health challenges...

For campus leaders, it's important to promote a culture of not just diversity, which speaks to how many people are invited to campus, but total inclusion to ensure all of those on the college campus truly feel they are welcome and valued members of the community...

Taylor said, good leaders are not "just genetically born. We think there are some things we can learn about leaders and what strategies" make them successful. And they're not built at the Harvard School of Business. They come from backgrounds that are more similar to the students they serve, as Kelly Mack, Vice President and Executive Director, Project Kaleidoscope at the Association of American Colleges and Universities said...

con’t reading full article: Mental Health is a Growing Challenge on Campus, and People of Color are Most Negatively Affected by Autumn A. Arnett. Retrieved January 4th, 2017 from https://www.educationdive.com/news/mental-health-is-a-growing-challenge-on-campus-and-people-of-color-are-mos/513473/

Tuesday, December 12


My heroes have the heart, to lose the life I’d wanna live… and all I remember
is thinking, I want to be like them…”
Crazy, Gnarls Barkley

Yup! I remember when I almost lost my mind. It was late 2013 and it wasn't even pleasant. Fours years and a lot of introspection later, I'm going on two years since my last mood swing. It hasn't been easy. And I admit, I had a bit of a scare earlier in the fall. But that amounted to much of nothing after I decided to stay Roads side for my yearly vacation. During that time I got plenty of rest, was able to clear my head and remember the fight I started fours years ago was far from over. Now that my physical health is on the mend, I feel confident again to pick up my mantle. Shake off the dust and continue the good fight. Not only for the mentality ill across our nation, but also for people of color. All the while I pursue the person I am and work to become the person I want to be.  

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Wednesday, August 16

Community: National Counseling Group

Despite the “national” in National Counseling Group, this organization only serves the state of Virginia.  With a broad range of services to meet the needs of their clients they were also ranked one of the best places to work in the Richmond region in 2015. Using their C.A.R.E. approach, they provide behavioral healthcare services to individuals & families in both the outpatient & in-home setting.  However, if they aren’t able to provide the services themselves, they will put clients in contact with other community providers and in some cases cover any costs in an effort facilitate timely care.  An additional bonus: training programs are available to professionals beyond the organization.

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