Waiting for today...: More Than Enough

Thursday, April 3

More Than Enough

“Take my heart and make it stronger… you’re simply the best.”

Once this week:
I allowed rage to get the best of me.

A couple of times this week:
I felt like a failure for my lack of consistency.

But, a few times this week:
I was reminded that no matter how many times I fall short, there’s One that will always look upon my unfortunate condition and have compassion.  

And that’s more than enough to get back up and keep moving forward with assurance.

One day…

Ever since I moved back to the states as a school age child music has played a huge role in my life. In the late eighties, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the hair bands and hip hop grabbed my attention as my home in the islands did not have cable television.   Music helped me through that transition, from elementary school to high school, from college to the working world. You name it music has helped me cope through it.  When the world seems to be crumbling down around me, music helps me to escape.