Waiting for today...: Resisting Acceptance

Wednesday, July 2

Resisting Acceptance

I will tell you what dwells in my heart.
Question is, do you really want to know?
After I have opened the floodgates of my heart, the answer, without words, will be revealed.
It will seal your conscience.
The smallest drop of dissension would not escape.

You will resist as the beach resists the foaming ocean tides,
Allowing them to only penetrate its surface.
Or you will become like that of a root,
Digging deep down into the earth, seeking the cool of the eve.

Be fooled not.
You will understand it not,
For the nature of my being is understood only by One.

Be fooled not.
Accept it you must.
For without acceptance of it there is no acceptance of me.
And in the beginning you said you have grown to love me.
But in the end, will my question be,
How is that so?--July 1999