Waiting for today...: Website: Depressiontoolkit.org

Monday, September 29

Website: Depressiontoolkit.org

Depressiontoolkit.org is an excellent resource from the University of Michigan Depression Center.  It aims to help visitors understand their diagnosis and encourage them to be active in managing their condition.  There is a wealth of resources on this site for both sufferers (eg. “Take Care of Yourself” link in the left sidebar) and for their loved ones (eg. “For Family and Friends” link in the header).  The site is very easy to navigate.  And for additional information regarding research, education materials, news and events, Depressioncenter.org is easily accessible by clicking the icon in the top left corner of any page on the site.  The professionals at The University of Michigan Depression Center take a multidisciplinary approach to the early detection, effective treatment and prevention of recurrence and progression of depression and bipolar illnesses.  Their mission includes counteracting stigma and improving public policy.

Previously added:
Psychology Today: magazine launched in ‘67, the online version offers a collection of mental health resources from over 750 contributors  in the field.

PsychCentral: an online mental health social network, launched in ‘95 it offering mental health support groups and other resources

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness a grassroots mental health advocacy organization, dedicated to support, education, awareness, advocacy and research