Waiting for today...: Article: Bullies Beat Down Self-Esteem

Saturday, September 6

Article: Bullies Beat Down Self-Esteem

Exploring the possible causes of my low self-esteem got me to thinking about bullies and frenemies…

frenemy [fren-uh-mee]

1. Informal. a person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship brings benefits, but harbors feelings of resentment or rivalry:  Clearly, turning the competition into frenemies is good for your business.
I don’t remember ever feeling bad about myself until I entered the U.S. school system. For a time I could not distinguish my friends from my foes.  It would make sense that my “friends” would have been those that wanted to hang out with me.   But I also imagined my friends would be nice and accepting, not hostile and exclusive.  Yet, I remember many of my “friends” being frenemies. They would often show bully-like behaviors while in the same instance convince me that it was all in good fun.   It was a needless initiation, a norm of American culture that I could not grasp.  Too many times I’ve I heard both the youth and adults say, “we tease you because we love you”. What a strange love.   Shouldn’t line between love and hate be distinct?  But I have digressed because the following article discusses the physical and the often overlooked emotional scars of bullying.  It also educates parents of those tell-tale signs of bullying, how to intervene and how to help rebuild their child’s self-esteem in the aftermath.

"The physical effects of bullying are well known: black eyes, bruises, headaches, sleep problems, and stomachaches are among those we all associate with the abuses of bullies. But others are often overlooked. “What’s coming out in the literature now is teens subjected to bullying as a victim become subject to a host of long-term effects as they reach adulthood, ...The most concerning of those have to do with the contribution to overt mental health problems like depression and suicidal ideation...”"
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