Waiting for today...: January 2015

Thursday, January 29

Article: Tips for Finding Motivation When You’re Depressed

My current battle with demotivation got me to thinking about how crippling the symptom of apathy is and especially in acute depression...
apathy [ap′əthē]
an absence or suppression of emotion, feeling, concern, or passion; an indifference to stimuli found generally to be exciting or moving. The condition is common in patients with urasthenia,depressive disorders, and schizophrenia.  apathetic, adj.
Apathy still has me in its line of fire. But my motivation is returning.  At this point I'm hopeful that depression is no longer on the horizon.  I remember having a similar experience last May. After about three days, I no longer felt pangs of apathy.  

I've mulled over how I've been feeling the last couple of weeks and often thought of how crippling this symptom can be, even for those with mild depression.  Although single and childless, the lack of motivation and apathy scares me especially when it comes to independence and overall health.  For instance, demotivated, I often find myself procrastinating after working only half of the day.  Consistently and over time, poor job performance is sure to become evident providing grounds for suspension or termination.  And my health?  The already unrelenting riddle that I can’t seem to crack?  For now, I won’t say more.  

And that’s me.  Single and childless.

So imagine being a stay at home mom having to manage a home and keep children active and engaged… or a small business owner having to constantly interact with vendors, customers, other business owners and manage employees and product… or a nurse, doctor, police officer, soldier, firefighter, anyone in the business of saving lives while also having to survive the forceful pull of demotivation or apathy.  It’s potentially life shattering.   In the latter professions, and many others, it can be deadly.  

It should be needless to say that apathy, even demotivation, is not a choice. Getting others to believe it?  That’s another fight.  The following article offers simple and practical ways to steadily regain motivation.     
“Telling a depressed person to get motivated is like telling a rock to dance. You’ll get the same result.

It’s not because depressed people don’t want to get motivated. It’s because getting motivated is an overwhelming task when you’re depressed. Is motivation impossible? Definitely not. You just have to find a process that works for you.

There is a saying: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But many depressed people can’t get out of bed, much less take a thousand-mile journey…”

con’t reading Tips for Finding Motivation When You’re Depressed By Vicky Poutas published at PsychCentral.  Retrieved on January 25, 2015, from http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2014/12/22/tips-for-finding-motivation-when-youre-depressed/

Monday, January 19

First Comes Apathy, Then...

Easter Island statue at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie Hawaii

If my mood was a 24 hour day, I fear it may be approaching sunset.  Self-care would make the impossible possible: it would extend the day… hold off the twilight.  Except I don’t very much feel like caring for myself.  At least not in a way that is therapeutic.  Apathy has spotted me.  I’m now in a place that I have been multiple times before: recognizing my needs but taking for granted the good times, the highs, the “normals” and choosing to ignore them. By then it’s too late.  I’m not motivated.  I’m happy to say though that I haven’t neglected my hygiene, or the taking my supplements and medications.  I’ve been making an effort to interact with loved ones because I know it’s soothing to my soul.  Just as I know my faith studies are soothing to my spirit.  But there has been no meditation, exercise has been minimal and my mind doesn’t sit still long enough to set goals much less conceive them.   As the minutes, hours and days go by I’m losing interest in one thing after another.  Or am I just not motivated?  Whatever the case, I can see myself eventually surrendering to the twilight. Which would eventually become dusk… then dark.  I’m not motivated enough to do much more than go through the motions to staying alive.  I don’t want to just wait to see if apathy seizes me.  Should it, irritability would not be far behind.   Darkness would surely descend. How could it not without attention to self-care?

Monday, January 12

Website: Goodtherapy.org

As it’s tagline states, Goodtherapy.org aims to not only assist visitors in their search to secure a local therapist or other licensed mental health provider but it also advocates for the ethical treatment of those receiving therapy.  Studies show that therapy is an effective treatment modality for many mental disorders.  While others require other types of treatments, therapy is often included in their plan of care.  Each therapist, psychologist, counselor and psychiatrist listed on the site has a complete profile that includes their license information, verifications, skill set including their  approach to helping.  Goodtherapy.org provides added assistance in the form of their PsychPedia, an A to Z listing of all things Pysch.  Also The Good therapy Blog is host to many articles and up to date therapy-related news.  The Explore Healthy Therapy link provides visitors with a wealth of information about the many types of therapy, their indications and the ways in which they are delivered.   All these also makes Goodtherapy.org a wonderful education resource.