Waiting for today...: Website: Goodtherapy.org

Monday, January 12

Website: Goodtherapy.org

As it’s tagline states, Goodtherapy.org aims to not only assist visitors in their search to secure a local therapist or other licensed mental health provider but it also advocates for the ethical treatment of those receiving therapy.  Studies show that therapy is an effective treatment modality for many mental disorders.  While others require other types of treatments, therapy is often included in their plan of care.  Each therapist, psychologist, counselor and psychiatrist listed on the site has a complete profile that includes their license information, verifications, skill set including their  approach to helping.  Goodtherapy.org provides added assistance in the form of their PsychPedia, an A to Z listing of all things Pysch.  Also The Good therapy Blog is host to many articles and up to date therapy-related news.  The Explore Healthy Therapy link provides visitors with a wealth of information about the many types of therapy, their indications and the ways in which they are delivered.   All these also makes Goodtherapy.org a wonderful education resource.