Waiting for today...: Friday the 13th: A Slow Start...

Friday, February 20

Friday the 13th: A Slow Start...

The Port Lucaya Marketplace in Freeport Bahamas

Seven days off in the last nine… the Lord knew I needed it.  I took the liberty to not do too much.  I cleaned the kitchen a bit.  I took the trash out.  Did some laundry.  After a dental procedure last Friday, I didn’t feel like doing much anyway.  I was uncomfortable from the pain and swelling and weak from lack of nutritionally dense meals.

Felt better yesterday and much better today.
After a bumpy start this year, I determined to have a great year.  Consistent self-care is still losing the battle to my busy mind.  I believe it will continue to lose until I get back to some sort of baseline.  While my enthusiasm to live a fuller life is with me.  But  it has also been flirting with procrastination.  
As the week comes to a close, I wonder if this week would’ve been more productive if it hadn’t been for Friday.  
I can’t say.  I’ve just got to look ahead.