Waiting for today...: Reaching Out

Sunday, February 8

Reaching Out

The last year or so has officially been placed in the top five of the most difficult times in my life.   A lot of revelations about myself in that time and with that, a lot of changes taking place.  As the process continues, it isn’t getting too much easier.  But thank God for Jesus! As I learn to draw closer to Him, hope and peace meets me at the most difficult moments. He comforts me and reminds me of His promises.   And that’s more than enough to propel me steadily forward.  If any of you are feeling a bit ignored, I do apologize.  It is not at all my intention.  My day-to-days seem at times to be an impossible balancing act these days. Along with that I am most fragile.  “Social” + “media” is too much to handle any more so Facebook doesn’t stand a chance.  And if I am to be honest with myself, socializing alone has always been a bit of a challenge at times.  But I do miss the quirkiness, memes, encouragements, plain ol’ randomness and the peek I get into your lives through shared pictures on Facebook.  I appreciate any and all prayers and thoughts for me, including all of my birthday wishes (how many months later?).   As God continues to work on my heart I’ll be better equipped to love more fully… more perfectly.  In the meantime I strive to do the best I can and will continue to.  I love you all greatly.  And for those that I don’t see often, I miss you greatly as well.” ~ Facebook Post to the members of both assembly’s, July 2014

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