Waiting for today...: Friday the 10th: Sunny with the Chance of Optimism

Tuesday, April 14

Friday the 10th: Sunny with the Chance of Optimism

Sleep in peace when day is done: that's what I mean… And this old world is a new world and a bold world for me...
I’m Feeling Good, Nina Simone

Vacationing my way taught me three things about traveling:
1. It doesn’t have to feel like work
2. I can return home feeling re-energized and motivated
3. I need to do it more often
For in the first time in like.. ever, I didn’t dread returning to work.  With the exception of an annoying case earlier in the week… it’s honestly been a great week!
And at home? I think I’ve been more productive in the last three days than in the last three months. Seriously… no kidding.
Unfortunately though, my to-do list keeps growing and growing… so I need priorities:
Finally tired of all the clutter, I’m determined to tidy all the way up in the next week or so...
Fearing I would certainly fail my certification exam this month, I pushed it back to August and I need to starting studying yesterday…
I have to, have to, have to finish organizing the baptismal log and I’ve barely started!

Most importantly: don’t lose my head!
Further along there are brighter days.  Yet it is paramount for me to continue to sort through the mess that has thrown my life into shambles.  “...finding my words and my way through mental illness and an identity crisis.”  I’ve still got lots more to say.