Waiting for today...: Friday the 8th: N is for Moody

Wednesday, May 13

Friday the 8th: N is for Moody

The Merchants Exchange Building, Philadelphia Pennsylvania


This week and weekend can’t end soon enough…

I may need to enlist my psychiatrist in providing me with whatever necessary documentation to keep them from scheduling me more than three days in a row.   The stakes are high.  Its day five and I want to punch someone out.  Off tomorrow but back on Sunday… uggghhh!!!

Your attention please…
Just because you do not have symptoms of depression doesn’t mean you no longer have depression… you’re welcome.

I like what I do.  It’s just an unending war against the pace and the unrealistic expectations of the acute care setting and I refuse to compromise my mental health.  
I foresee a professional transition…

Tangent… I believe I’m finally learning to avoid the wiles of the people that were once closest to me. That is, I’m no longer hanging onto their every word only to later be disappointed and dejected.  Instead, I’m accepting them.  Not for who they say they are, but for who they “show” me they are.