Waiting for today...: Article: The Link Between Bullying, Depression and Suicide

Sunday, June 7

Article: The Link Between Bullying, Depression and Suicide

As I continue to reflect on the troubles of my childhood years, I got to thinking about that time…
Before leaving the 7th grade, I made the decision that I would forfeit my life. I was miserable… in school and at home.  I tried to get along in the world, but couldn’t find a place to fit in.  Making friends wasn’t coming as easy as it did when I lived in Bahamas.  Many of my peers were just not friendly.   Only a few were constant.  And I often feared for my safety because of bullying.  I mostly feared the embarrassment though.
School and home, where I spent 98% my time, became places of despondence.  My relationships with the adults in my life were strained by my bad behavior.   I felt discarded by indifference; made to wander through the rest of my childhood without direction. “What’s the point?” I soon thought. I don’t remember writing a letter.  I do remember having a plan. While home alone, I took a few pills out of each medicine bottle I could find.  I decided I would get up in the middle of the night while the house slept as to not alert anyone of my plans to commit suicide.
Something changed my mind.  Others are not as fortunate.  The following article discusses the link between bullying and mental illness, even suicide.

A new study on depression and suicide suggests that children who were bullied are more likely to have mental disorders as adults. This is because the negative consequences of bullying might not stop once recess comes to an end. These findings suggest that bullying can have as much negative impact on someone’s mental health compared to other kinds of traumatic experiences like maltreatment and child abuse…

At least one in four children has been the victim of bullying. One decade later, the children who were bullied were more than likely to suffer from anxiety problems. Children who were bullied as well as bullied others showed a heightened risk of depression as well as having some suicidal thoughts…”

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