Waiting for today...: Sunday the 21st: I Need a Mental Break

Friday, June 26

Sunday the 21st: I Need a Mental Break


Between work, home life and sorting through my mental ailments, I’m drained.
But hope has not escaped me!  I’ve had a couple revelations this past week and I feel lighter moving forward.
An extended weekend off is on the horizon and I’ve decided to skip town for
a couple of days… really looking forward to it.
I’m also looking forward to my upcoming appointment with my therapist.  I’ve got to discuss to those “revelations” which may or may not lead to needing further evaluation by my psychiatrist.  Hmmm… I can’t decide whether or not I’m looking forward to that part…
I’m going to have to make some moves sometime after passing my certification exam.  Either expectations here are beginning to get too high or my mental tolerance is getting too low.  Whichever one it is… both?... I’ve noticed higher levels of 
stress over the last couple of weeks. 
I won’t be able to work a normal Monday to Friday, 9 to 5… *sigh*.   At this point all I can do is wait for the “better” that management has been promising since last year and hopefully not lose my mind in the interim.

I realized this week that “doing things” is not the same as “getting things done”.  For example, it seems as though the more I do to get organized at home the less organized I am. It’s a paradox I can’t wrap my head around it.