Waiting for today...: Unfit

Thursday, June 4


"People are strange when you're a stranger.  Faces look ugly when you're alone... Streets are uneven when you're down…”  
People Are Strange, The Doors

As Jim Morrison of The Doors sat with a friend watching the sunset, he realized that he was depressed and ultimately penned this song about feeling alienated.  I remember hearing Echo and The Bunnymen’s version of this song as a child and thinking it to be very eerie.  It wasn’t until college that I actually listened to the lyrics and realized it spoke to my soul.   No matter what I did growing up, I always fell short of fitting in.  And it wasn’t a day that went by that one of my peers didn’t remind me of that.  I was well into young adulthood before I felt complete alienation.  Although, I concluded the world was a painful place many years before… a place that I didn’t want to be a part of anymore.