Waiting for today...: Fruitless Ambition

Saturday, September 19

Fruitless Ambition

Inspired by “Soon”, Drawing by Rubyetc

I wanna go places
I wanna meet people
I wanna walk into a crowded room and be unafraid to greet people
I wanna try new things
I wanna lend my talents
I wanna expand my senses and become more than a one woman island
I wanna be spontaneous
I wanna go where the wind takes me
Spain, India, Belize… hell the posh new cafĂ© down the street
It’s open mic night
I wanna be an inspiration
I wanna affect change
Not just in myself but in all… even those who will never come to see my face
Or know my name
I wanna be athletic
I wanna be out-doorsy
Volleyball, hiking, tennis, camping… maybe even run a marathon
Maybe 3
Or am I thinking of a triathlon?
I wanna build
I wanna be a creator
I wanna be and do so much more than my depressed mind can get down on this piece of paper
I wanna detox
Not from drugs or alcohol but from anxiety and fear
I just wanna be healthy… normal
Whatever that is for me
I just wanna live
Just wanna be all that I was meant to be
‘Cause this… this right here?
There has to be more to living than this right here…