Waiting for today...: Fruitless Ambition

"Research has shown that such people are overrepresented among cases of fals...

"Research has shown that such people are overrepresented among cases of false confession because the conditions of their illness - such as proneness t... - Nyawela Gianna - Google+

Saturday, September 19

Fruitless Ambition

Inspired by “Soon”, Drawing by Rubyetc

I wanna go places
I wanna meet people
I wanna walk into a crowded room and be unafraid to greet people
I wanna try new things
I wanna lend my talents
I wanna expand my senses and become more than a one woman island
I wanna be spontaneous
I wanna go where the wind takes me
Spain, India, Belize… hell the posh new cafĂ© down the street
It’s open mic night
I wanna be an inspiration
I wanna affect change
Not just in myself but in all… even those who will never come to see my face
Or know my name
I wanna be athletic
I wanna be out-doorsy
Volleyball, hiking, tennis, camping… maybe even run a marathon
Maybe 3
Or am I thinking of a triathlon?
I wanna build
I wanna be a creator
I wanna be and do so much more than my depressed mind can get down on this piece of paper
I wanna detox
Not from drugs or alcohol but from anxiety and fear
I just wanna be healthy… normal
Whatever that is for me
I just wanna live
Just wanna be all that I was meant to be
‘Cause this… this right here?
There has to be more to living than this right here…