Waiting for today...: my Dysfunction

my Dysfunction

a chronicle of my history of depression, from initial diagnosis to the eve of my thirty-fifth birthday
First, I failed Maternity/Child Health.  I was doomed from the beginning… Today I decided not to go to clinical.  As a result, I failed out of the class... At the time, I didn’t know how serious my depression was... It was a short time later that the Dean called me with an ultimatum: go and see a counselor or you’ll be released from the program... con't reading

a survey of how rejection has set off a chain reaction, ultimately leading to my depression

… just as my mom was shipped to and from a friends home, so was I…  I honestly remember spending more of my time with my “caretaker” than with my grandma.   At the time though I did not feel rejected.  I thought it was normal.  I always gave her the benefit of the doubt not knowing of my moms experience until years later.  Today, I am sure that my initial insecurities sprang from this consistently inconsistent routine…  con’t reading

For over twenty years I’ve endured an internal struggle that culminated in September of 2013. Between my peers and those my senior, very few assisted me in making sense of what I was feeling and I was grossly misunderstood.  Confusion, insecurity, loneliness, unhappiness and eventually isolation and depression would ensue.  As life stressors mounted, I began bursting at the seams.  My years in college made me realize that whatever the conflict, it was and would continue to have a powerfully negative impact on all that I would ever do.