Waiting for today...: Disclaimer & Copyright

Disclaimer & Copyright

“Waiting for today…” is a personal blog created, written and edited by me, Nemya.  I do not claim to be a medical professional or a mental health expert.  The content of this blog will mostly include but will not be limited to personal experiences surrounding my struggle with depression and mood disorder.  I do not receive compensation to write about certain topics. All of the opinions therein are my own unless otherwise documented.  I urge anyone suffering with mental illness or believes that they may be experiencing symptoms of a mental illness to seek professional help.  

All “Waiting for today…” content (text and multimedia) created by me, “Nemya”, (unless otherwise noted) may not be shared, copied, duplicated or republished for profit without my expressed and written permission. If you wish to share, copy, duplicate or republish any part(s) of this blog for profit you may send your inquiry via email to Nyawela "Nemya" Gianna nyawaiting(at)gmail(dot)com; I reserve the right to decline requests under any circumstance. Permission is granted to share, copy, duplicate and republish content created by me for non-profit purposes without expressed and written permission, as long there is a visible link back to or a clear attribution for the content used in your publication.

There is content (text and multimedia) published on "Waiting for today..." that is not attributed to me. This content has been found on various websites across the internet and has been used in good faith and to the best of my knowledge in keeping with fair use under the Copyright Act Title 17 of the United States Code § 107.  If copy-written content has been identified and its use is in violation of the United States copyright laws or the creator does not wish to have their material displayed on this site for any reason, please notify me immediately via email at nyawaiting(at)gmail(dot)com.  I then will comply with the creator's wishes to either remove material in conflict or modify it's attribution to his/her liking.

I appreciate your taking time to read my blog and your observance of the above. With sincere thanks,


(created 12/4/13, updated 5/14/14)